Home Exterior Paint Maintenance Advice From Trusted Painters In Victoria BC


Using up less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee, here are five ways that you can keep your home looking just as gorgeous outside as it does inside. The exterior paint is often neglected and accumulates to a major reset. You can save yourself the trouble now by keeping your paintjob as fresh as the day it first dried.

Expert Home Exterior Paint Maintenance Advice

Once you’ve had an expert come in and level up the aesthetic of your home, there are a few ways to protect this investment. Rather than undergoing the costly venture yet again, here are the five top ways to maintain your home’s glow for as long as possible.

#1 Wash Your House

Just like any other physical asset that you own, keeping it clean will extend its life. Washing the outside of your home gets rid of all kinds of contaminants. You will be helping your paintjob do its job by freshening it up.

#2 Touch-Ups

Some areas may receive more sunlight than others and it is possible for conditions to differ depending on the area of the paint. Quickie touch-ups every year or so will extend the life of your paintjobs.

#3 Maintain Landscaping

The longevity of your paint can be affected by any landscaping nearby. You can prevent any adverse effects on your home’s aesthetic by controlling it.

#4 Monitor Gutters And Downspouts

When these elements function correctly, moisture is carried away from the home and away from potentially damaging your exterior paint. You can imagine what might happen if these draining systems were to become neglected and not perform this function of clearing out unnecessary, damaging water.

#5 Inspect

Some paints come with impressively long extended warranties and have been created to last, however, the unfortunate truth of the matter is that no paint lasts forever. Before things get rough, an inspection once or twice a year can catch any significant mold, blistering, peeling and other issues before they become unmanageable.

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