Not sure where to begin when it comes to picking a perfect paint colour for your home? Not to worry – our Victoria BC interior painters have advice.


How Victoria Painters Recommend You Find the Perfect Paint

Are you determined to repaint your home but don’t know where to begin? It’s normal. It can seem as if the more you pine over your Pinterest boards and scour the internet for paint inspiration, the more options you’re presented with.

Finding the perfect paint colour can be stressful, as there’s so many options to choose from. Should you add a pop of colour to one wall? Should you stick with neutrals? What about undertones and complementary colours? Seeking advice from interior painters in Victoria BC is a good start to finding the perfect colour. 6 Star Painting can build a colour profile for you and suggest what colours would work for your interior walls. Here’s what we consider when advising homeowners.


Natural light is the perfect light to qualify what the true shade of a colour is. Assuming your curtains will be open most days, it will give you an indication if a colour enhances a room or makes it seem smaller and dingier. Consider which direction your room faces and how much sun it receives, as this can determine how a shade looks throughout the day.


Certain assumptions about colours are worth heeding. Stimulating shades such as bright reds and orange are attention-grabbing and exciting – but may be too loud for your bedroom. Here, neutrals might be best. You’ll want refreshing, calm colours for your bathroom such as light greens and blues – or if your bathroom is small, it could pull off dramatic jewel tones. Bright primary shades are perfect for your kitchen and dining area, as they create an environment that feels cheerful and welcoming.

Now that you’ve found the perfect colour to breathe life into your interior walls, it’s time to think about the outside too. You’ll need to repaint your exterior walls more often as they fade faster being exposed to the elements. Painters Victoria BC exterior can advise you on how frequently you should repaint. Remember that the colour you choose for your exterior will need to complement your interior, house style, garden and neighbour’s homes too.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, as that’s what experts are for.

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