What Are The Most Popular Interior Colours Of 2020 Going To Be?


Paint colours are a huge part of interior decorating. So much so, that all the big names in interior design get together every year to discuss what the upcoming hot trends are going to be. This year they all got together in Milan, Paris and New York to make their selection. So what are the colour trends going to be in 2020? You can look forward to warm, neutral shades with offset accents. This means that no matter your taste, you’re likely to find something that goes with the interior you’re envisioning. Here are a few noteworthy shades worth remembering.

Warm Greys And French Vanilla

Grey has always been one of the top choices when it comes to neutral colours. Done right, it looks classy and is great for a room with a feature wall. French Vanilla isn’t exactly a shade of grey, but it does fall in the same neutral category. It’s great for bedrooms and can be warmed up with highlights of yellow. Try painting your walls a soft, dove grey and then painting the door frames in sunny yellow. A French Vanilla accent wall behind your bed will add drama and light.

Cool Mint

Living rooms are places of relaxation and could benefit from a coat of mint. The best painting companies in Victoria BC will be able to advise you on exactly which shade of mint will suit your living space. 6 Star Painting has many years in the painting business, and not only can we recommend the correct shades, but we can also help you select the perfect accents to go with it.

Hazelnut And Wood

Moving into 2020 we see a lot of retro colours and fashions coming back into style. Bell-bottoms are back (again), as is 70’s chic. With the 70’s movement comes wood accents and hazelnut paint. It’s not actually as surprising as you think it is; wood is a warm and inviting medium and looks great with a light brown coloured paint. Pair this wall and floor choice with some retro furniture, either handcrafted or recycled.

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